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by Bblessed Freddye

I must stay focused on the destiny the Lord has for me; TO BE HEALTHY

Depend on the future that God has prepared for us.  Not the history of what was.  We must journey forward and not continue to relive our mistakes.  Be mindful of the experiences and learn from them so that we will not be brought back to them again. But the Lord has a mighty destiny in store for all of us………
It is truly necessary that we identify and work toward releasing those strongholds that keep us bound.  This is quite a challenge for all of us and I hope that we understand it is not about the dress but a “HEALTHY” lifestyle.  That will keep us there when the dress is out of style. My struggles and your struggles may specifically be different but yet all the same.  Managing a life that is conducive to being healthy.
If God brings you to it- He will bring you through it!!!
Be Blessed. Always stay strong in my favorite verse beside John 3:16 and that is …
We can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13