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          -(Veil, curtain)


          -1. Hangings used in the tabernacle to separate the Holy of

          Holies (the Most Holy Place) from the Holy Place


          .Called the second veil Heb 6:19; 9:3


          .Ordinances prescribing Ex 26:31-33


          .Made by Bezaleel and Aholiab Ex 36:35,36


          .See [4124]VEIL


          -2. A covering for the ark of the covenant Ex 35:12; 39:34;

          40:21; Nu 4:5


          -3. Of the temple 2Ch 3:14


          .Torn from the top to the bottom at the time of the crucifixion

          of Jesus Mt 27:51; Mr 15:38; Lu 23:45


          -FIGURATIVE Heb 10:20



          -Son of Haman Es 9:9



          -See [4125]COURAGE



          -(An Israelite)


          -Puts away (divorces) his Gentile wife Ezr 10:36



          -A consequence of the fall Ro 8:20


          -Every man has Ps 39:11


          -Every state of man is Ps 62:9


          -Man, at his best estate, is Ps 39:5


          -Man is similar to Ps 144:4


          -The thoughts of man are Ps 94:11


          -The days of man are Job 7:16; Ec 6:12


          -Childhood and youth are Ec 11:10


          -The beauty of man is Ps 39:11; Pr 31:30


          -The help of man is Ps 60:11; La 4:17


          -Man’ s own righteousness is Isa 57:12


          -Worldly wisdom is Ec 2:15,21; 1Co 3:20


          -Worldly pleasure is Ec 2:1


          -Worldy anxiety is Ps 39:6; 127:2


          -Worldly labor is Ec 2:11; 4:4


          -Worldly enjoyment is Ec 2:3,10,11


          -Worldly possessions are Ec 2:4-11


          -Treasures of wickedness are Pr 10:2


          -Heaping up riches is Ec 2:26; 4:8


          -Love of riches is Ec 5:10


          -Unblessed riches are Ec 6:2


          -Riches gotten by falsehood are Pr 21:6


          -All earthly things are Ec 1:2


          -Foolish questions are 1Ti 1:6,7; 6:20; 2Ti 2:14,16; Tit 3:9


          -The conduct of the ungodly is 1Pe 1:18


          -The religion of hypocrites is Jas 1:26


          -The worship of the wicked is Isa 1:13; Mt 6:7


          -Lying words are Jer 7:8


          -False teaching is but Jer 23:32


          -Mere external religion is 1Ti 4:8; Heb 13:9


          -Almsgiving without love is 1Co 13:3


          -Faith without works is Jas 2:14


          -Idolatry is 2Ki 17:15; Ps 31:6; Isa 44:9,10; Jer 10:8; 18:15


          -Wealth gotten by, diminishes Pr 13:11


          -Saints hate the thoughts of Ps 119:113


          -Pray to be kept from Ps 119:37; Pr 30:8


          -Avoid Ps 24:4


          -Avoid those given to Ps 26:4


          -Evil people


          .Especially characterized by Job 11:11


          .Though full of, affect to be wise Job 11:12


          .Love Ps 4:2


          .Imagine Ps 2:1; Ac 4:25; Ro 1:21


          .Devise Ps 36:4


          .Speak Ps 10:7; 12:2; 41:6


          .Regard God’ s service as Job 21:15; Mal 3:14


          .Allure others through the words of 2Pe 2:18


          .Live by Jer 2:5


          .Live in Ps 39:6; Eph 4:17


          .Inherit Jer 16:19


          .Reap Pr 22:8; Jer 12:13


          .Judicially given up to Ps 78:33; Isa 57:13


          -Fools follow those given to Pr 12:11


          -Following those given to, leads to poverty Pr 28:19


          -All should know and acknowledge De 4:35


          -See [4126]PRIDE



          -See [4127]JOEL, Number one



          -(The wife of King Ahasuerus)


          -Put away (divorced) for refusing to exhibit herself at a royal

          banquet Es 1:9-22; 2:1,4,17



          -A place whose merchants traded with Tyre Eze 27:19


          -In A. V., called DAN



          -Persons who refrain from eating meat Ro 14:2



          -Created on the third day Ge 1:11; 2:5


          -For food Ge 1:29,30





          .By Rebekah Ge 24:65


          .By Tamar Ge 38:14,19


          .By Moses, to screen his face when he descended from Mount Sinai

          Ex 34:33,35; 2Co 3:13-16


          -See [4128]DRESS


          -See [4129]WIMPLE



          -For parents Ge 48:15,16


          -See [4130]OLD AGE


          -See [4131]PARENTS


          -See [4132]REVERENCE



          -Belongs to God Ps 94:1; Ro 12:19


          -INSTANCE OF


          .Sons of Jacob on Hamor and Shechem Ge 34:20-31


          .See [4133]JUDGMENTS


          .See [4134]REVENGE


          .See [4135]RETALIATION



          -General scriptures concerning Isa 29:4


          -Divination by Ac 16:16



          -Against Jesus Mt 26:66; 27:24-26; Mr 15:15; Lu 23:24; Joh 19:16


          -See [4136]COURTS



          -A color Jer 22:14; Eze 23:14


          -See [4137]COLOR



          -Of priests


          .See [4138]PRIESTS





          .The ram for Isaac Ge 22:13


          .Jesus for sinners


          .See, JESUS, DEATH OF


          .See [4139]JESUS, MISSION OF


          .See [4140]JESUS, SUFFERINGS OF


          .See [4141]ATONEMENT


          .See [4142]SUFFERINGS, VICARIOUS


          .See [4143]JESUS, SAVIOUR



          -(Exercising the powers of another)


          -Of Elisha


          .In miraculously rewarding the Shunammite woman 2Ki 4:16,17


          .In condemning Gehazi 2Ki 5:27


          -Of the apostles Mt 16:19; 18:18; Joh 20:23



          -INSTANCE OF


          .King of Jericho Jos 2:1-3


          .See [4144]WATCHMAN



          -In battle, from God Ps 55:18; 76:5,6


          -Celebrated in song Jud 5; 2Sa 22


          -By women 1Sa 18:6,7; 2Sa 1:20


          -See [4145]ARMIES


          -See [4146]WAR, GOD IN



          -Degeneracy of Jer 2:21


          -Fable of Jud 9:12,13


          -Pruned Isa 5:6; Joh 15:1-5


          -Parables of Ps 80:8-14; Eze 17:6-10; 19:10-14


          -SYMBOLICAL Joh 15:1-5


          .See [4147]VINEYARD



          -(A sour wine)


          -Forbidden to Nazarites Nu 6:3


          -Used with food Ru 2:14; Ps 69:21; Pr 10:26; 25:20


          -Offered to Christ while on the cross Mt 27:34,48; Joh 19:29;

          with Mr 15:23



          -Huts (R. V., booths) in Isa 1:8


          -Towers in Isa 5:2; Mt 21:33; Mr 12:1


          -Winepress in Isa 5:2


          -Pools in Ec 2:4,6


          -Leased So 8:11,12; Isa 7:23; Mt 21:33-39


          -Of kings 1Ch 27:26-28


          -Neglected Pr 24:30,31


          -Plain of the Jud 11:33


          -Parables of Isa 5:1-7; 27:2,3; Jer 12:10; Mt 20:1-16;

          21:28-31,33-41; Lu 13:6-9


          -See [4148]VINE


          -See [4149]WINE


          -Also see [4150]ABSTINENCE



          -An instrument of music Isa 5:12


          -See [4151]MUSIC, INSTRUMENTS OF


          -See [4152]PSALTERY



          -A serpent Job 20:16; Isa 30:6; 59:5


          -Fastens on Paul’ s hand Ac 28:3


          -See [4153]SERPENT


          -FIGURATIVE Mt 3:7; 23:33; Lu 3:7



          -Proofs of De 22:13-21


          -Dowry of Ex 22:17


          -Character of, to be protected De 22:17-21,23,24


          -Betrothal of, a quasi-marriage De 22:23,24


          -Distinguishing apparel of 2Sa 13:18


          -A priest could marry only a Le 21:14


          -Mourn in the temple La 1:4; 2:10


          -Virginity of, bewailed Jud 11:37-39


          -Parable of the wise and foolish Mt 25:1-13


          -Mother of Jesus was a Isa 7:14; Mt 1:23; Lu 1:27


          -Advised by Paul not to marry 1Co 7




          .Of the body of Christ (the ekklesia) Isa 62:5; Jer 14:17;

          31:4,13; 2Co 11:2


          .Of personal purity 1Co 7:25,37; Re 14:4



          -See [4154]VIRGIN



          -(From the Latin “vir,” manliness)


          -Power (R. V.) Lu 6:19; 8:46


          -Excellence Php 4:8; 2Pe 1:5


          -See [4155]CHASTITY


          -See [4156]CONTINENCE (self-control)


          -See [4157]COURAGE



          -A mode of revelation Nu 12:6; 1Sa 3:1; 2Ch 26:5; Ps 89:19; Pr

          29:18; Jer 14:14; 23:16; Da 1:17; Ho 12:10; Joe 2:28; Ob 1:1;

          Hab 2:2; Ac 2:17


          -Of Abraham


          .Concerning his descendants Ge 15:1-17


          -Of Jacob


          .Of the ladder with ascending and descending angels Ge 28:12


          .At Beer-sheba Ge 46:2


          -Of Joshua


          .Of the captain of the Lord’ s army Jos 5:13-15


          -Of Moses


          .Of the burning bush Ex 3:2


          .Of the glory of God Ex 24:9-11; 33:18-23


          -Of the Israelites


          .Of the manifestation of the glory of God Ex 24:10,17; Heb



          -Of Balaam


          .In a trance Ac 22:17-21


          .See [4158]BALAAM


          -Of Elisha


          .At the transporting of Elijah 2Ki 2:11


          -Of Elisha’ s servant


          .Of the chariots of the Lord 2Ki 6:17


          -Of Micaiah


          .Of the defeat of the Israelites; of the Lord on his throne; and

          of a lying spirit 1Ki 22:17-23; 2Ch 18:16-22


          -Of David


          .Of the angel of the Lord beside the threshing-floor of Ornan

          1Ch 21:15-18


          -Of Job


          .Of a spirit Job 4:12-16


          -Of Isaiah


          .Of the Lord and his glory in the temple Isa 6


          .Of the valley of vision Isa 22


          -Of Jeremiah


          .Of an almond rod Jer 1:11


          .Of the seething pot Jer 1:13


          -Of Ezekiel


          .Of the glory of God Eze 1:3,12-14; 23


          .Of the roll Eze 2:9


          .Of the man of fire Eze 8; 9


          .Of the coals of fire Eze 10:1-7


          .Of the dry bones Eze 37:1-14


          .Of the city and temple Eze 40:48


          .Of the waters Eze 47:1-12


          -Of Daniel


          .Of the four beasts Da 7


          .Of the Ancient of Days Da 7:9-27


          .Of the ram and the he-goat Da 8


          .Of the angel Da 10


          -Of Amos


          .Of grasshoppers Am 7:1,2


          .Of fire Am 7:4


          .Of a plumb-line Am 7:7,8


          .Of summer fruit Am 8:1,2


          .Of the temple Am 9:1


          -Of Zechariah


          .Of horses Zec 1:8-11


          .Of horns and carpenters Zec 1:18-21


          .Of the high priest Zec 3:1-5


          .Of the golden lampstand Zec 4


          .Of the flying roll Zec 5:1-4


          .Of the mountains and chariots Zec 6:1-8


          -Of Zacharias


          .In the temple Lu 1:13-22


          -Of John the Baptist


          .At the immersion of Jesus Mt 3:16; Mr 1:10; Lu 3:22; Joh



          -Peter, James, and John


          .Of the transfiguration of Jesus and the appearance of Moses and

          Elijah Mt 17:1-9; Lu 9:28-36


          -Of the people


          .Of the tongues of fire at Pentecost Ac 2:2,3


          -Of Stephen


          .Of Christ Ac 7:55,56


          -Of Paul


          .Of Christ, on the way to Damascus Ac 9:3-6; 1Co 9:1


          .Of Ananias Ac 9:12


          .Of a man of Macedonia, saying, “Come over into Macedonia, and

          help us,” Ac 16:9


          .In Corinth Ac 18:9,10


          .In a trance Ac 22:17-21


          .Of Paradise 2Co 12:1-4


          -Of Ananias


          .Of Christ Ac 9:10-12


          -Of Cornelius, the centurion


          .Of an angel Ac 10:3


          -Of Peter


          .Of the sheet which was lowered from the sky Ac 10:9-18


          -Of John on the island of Patmos


          .The Book of Revelation


          .Of Christ and the golden lampstands Re 1:10-20


          .The open door Re 4:1


          .A rainbow and the throne Re 4:2,3


          .The twenty-four elders Re 4:4


          .The seven lamps Re 4:5


          .The sea of glass Re 4:6


          .The four living creatures Re 4:6-8


          .The book with seven seals Re 5:1-5


          .The golden vials Re 5:8


          .The six seals Re 6


          .The four horses Re 6:2-8


          .The earthquake and the celestial phenomena Re 6:12; 14


          .The four angels Re 7:1


          .The sealing of the one hundred and forty four thousand Re 7:2-8


          .The seventh seal and the seven angels Re 8:11


          .The censer Re 8:5


          .The hail and fire Re 8:7


          .The mountain that was thrown into the sea Re 8:8,9


          .The falling star Re 8:10,11; 9:1


          .One-third of the sun, the moon, and the stars were darkened Re



          .The bottomless pit Re 9:2


          .The locusts Re 9:3-11


          .The four angels released from the Euphrates River Re 9:14


          .The army of horsemen Re 9:16-19


          .The angel that had a book Re 10:1-10


          .The seven thunders Re 10:3,4


          .The measurement of the temple Re 11:1,2


          .The two witnesses Re 11:3-12


          .The court of the Gentiles Re 11:2


          .The two olive trees and the two lampstands Re 11:4


          .The beast that came up out of the bottomless pit Re 11:7


          .The fall of the city Re 11:13


          .The second and third woes Re 11:14


          .The woman clothed with the sun; the birth of the male infant Re



          .The red dragon Re 12:3-17


          .The war in heaven Re 12:7-9


          .The beast rising out of the sea Re 13:1-10


          .The beast coming out of the earth Re 13:11-18


          .The Lamb on Mount Zion Re 14:1-5


          .The angel having the everlasting gospel Re 14:6,7


          .The angel proclaiming the fall of Babylon Re 14:8-13


          .A son of man with a sickle Re 14:14-16


          .The angel reaping the harvest Re 14:14-20


          .The angel coming out of the temple Re 14:17-19


          .The angel having power over fire Re 14:18


          .The vine and the winepress Re 14:18-20


          .The angels with the seven last plagues Re 15


          .The sea of glass Re 15:2


          .The temple opened Re 15:5


          .The plague upon the men who had the mark of the beast Re 16:2


          .The sea turned into blood Re 16:3


          .The seven angels with the seven vials of the wrath of God Re

          16; 17


          .The destruction of Babylon Re 18


          .The multitude praising Re 19:1-9


          .The one who is faithful and true, riding a white horse Re



          .The angel in the sun Re 19:17-21


          .Satan bound for one-thousand years Re 20:1-3


          .The thrones of judgment, and the resurrection, and the release

          of Satan Re 20:1-10


          .The great white throne Re 20:11


          .The opening of the Book of Life Re 20:12


          .Death and hell (gehenna) Re 20:14


          .The New Jerusalem Re 21


          .The River of Life Re 22:1


          .The Tree of Life Re 22:2


          -See [4159]DREAM



          -See [4160]GUESTS



          -OF GOD Eze 1:24,28; 10:5; Joh 5:37; 12:28-30; Ac 7:31; 9:4,7;



          .See [4161]ANTHROPOMORPHISMS



          -General scriptures concerning De 4:11; 5:23; Jud 5:5; Ps 97:5;

          104:32; 144:5; Isa 34:9,10; 64:1-3; Jer 51:25; Mic 1:4; Na 1:5,6


          -See [4162]EARTHQUAKE


          -See [4163]MOUNTAIN



          -See [4164]LASCIVIOUSNESS


          -See [4165]SENSUALITY



          -Father of Nahbi Nu 13:14



          -Mosaic laws concerning Le 23:37,38; Nu 29:39


          -Must be voluntary, see below


          -Must be performed, see below


          -Estimation of the redemption price of things offered in vows,

          to be made by the priest, according to age and sex of the person

          making the offering Le 27:1-13


          -The redemption price of the offering of real estate, to be

          valued by the priest Le 27:14,15


          -Of a field Le 27:16-25


          -Edible things offered in, to be eaten the same day they were

          offered Le 7:16-18


          -Things offered in, to be brought to the tabernacle or temple De



          -Belonged to the priests Nu 18:14




          .By Jephthah, in consecration of his daughter as a sacrafice, if

          his campaign against the Ammonites were successful Jud 11:29-40


          .The Israelites, to destroy the Benjamites Jud 21:5,6; with



          -Things forbidden to be offered in: Receipts of the whore and

          the price of a “dog” (male prostitute of a pagan shrine) De



          -A minor, of himself Mr 7:11-13


          -UNCLASSIFIED SCRIPTURES RELATING TO Ge 28:20,21; 31:13; Le

          5:4-13; 22:18-25; Nu 15:2-16; 30:1-16; De 23:18,21-23; Job

          22:27; Ps 22:25; 50:14,15; 56:12; 61:5,8; 65:1; 66:13,14; 76:11;

          116:14-19; Pr 20:25; Ec 5:4-6; Jon 2:9; Na 1:15


          .See [4166]CONTRACT


          .See [4167]COVENANT


          -INSTANCES OF


          .Of Jacob, see above Ge 28:20-22


          .Of the mother of Micah, in the dedication of silver for the

          making of an idol Jud 17:2,3


          .Of Hannah, to consecrate to the Lord the child for which she

          prayed 1Sa 1:11; with 1:27,28


          .Of Elkanah 1Sa 1:21


          .Of Absalom 2Sa 15:7,8


          .Of Job, not to entertain thoughts of fornication Job 31:1


          .Of David Ps 132:2


          .Of Ananias and Sapphira, in the dedication of the proceeds of

          the sale of their land Ac 5:1-11


          .Of the Jews, to kill Paul Ac 23:12-15


          .Of Jephthah, and of the Israelites


          .See RASH VOWS, above


          .See [4168]NAZARITE



          -A carnivorous bird Le 11:14; De 14:13


          -In R. V., translated “falcon,” Job 28:7


          -And “kite,” Isa 34:15