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What is a thought? an idea; an instance of thinking;
I was just thinking how one thought can derail me. Allow me not to accomplish my goal for today. That is amazing. So can a thought govern your whole body?   Your daily functions of what you will do.

Well if that is true the obvious answer would be to always have very positive thoughts. What a great answer. Unreal, but a good answer. That thought told me today not to walk that hill. I was up late and am tired so why do it anyway? Senseless to even try!

“I” allowed the thought to deny me my Activity Points for today. And the worst part of it all is that I was finally achieving the uphill climb of the hill. So “I” have allowed the thought to now bring me back to the beginning. What I believe to be true is that the thought comes into our minds. Now there has to be a control factor here where we can stop that second one from coming. Because if that
second one comes, we are now entertaining the thought and living it out. Isn’t it almost as if the thought is a anti-Holy Spirit. Ok I did just type that.  Wow okay so now the thought must be an attack of the enemy to prevent us from prospering in what there is for us.

Well, my positive thoughts now tell me the only way to conquer that would be to; pray, yell the name of Jesus in our minds, say a verse, read the word, any action that involves an immediate communication to the Lord. That will take us back on track to the positive thoughts. The supportive ones the ones that tell us when we
are about to eat the wrong thing. The encouraging thoughts that tell us to pull on that extra energy during exercise. The accomplishing goal thoughts.

Enemy-Thoughts you will not destroy all of this hard work. I must stay focused on a healthier lifestyle. I have asked the Lord to lead me and guide me in this journey and I must be obedient. I know that I will fall with my eating and activity sometimes but I will not stop. I am still standing tall on His word.

Just my thoughts for today
Be Blessed
Phil 4:13 I can do alll things through Christ who strengthens me.