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We never dreamed that a Christian Bible study site that doesn’t sell anything would have need for security, after all we’re just a really complexed blog. We didn’t realize that their are people our their who look for Christian sites and attack them. Who Knew!

But on June 28th our perception of what kind of sites get attacked by hackers changed. Some hacker attacked our site and embedded on every page a code that forced page redirection to porno sites. This action forced our site to be black listed by the various browsers i.e. Safari, Google, Explorer, Firefox to name a few.

We were then forced to rebuild the site because we couldn’t find all the areas were the site had been infected.

when Qur readersĀ  they visited during this time either got a screen that said the site was infected or they got a 404 error or they simply couldn’t pull up the site at all. This was very frustrating for our readers and for us.