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HBS Gatherings knows that one doesn’t need to be a Bible scholar to join in the discussion or to enjoy the study of God’s Word. If you are looking to have more knowledge of God’s Word and intimacy with Jesus, the best way to do that is by immersing oneself in the Word of God.

HBS Gatherings are absolutely FREE. No membership fee, no participation fee, no fees at all. Gatherers meet each week on Thursdays online at 5:30pm cst via Zoom. The benefit from meeting online is you get to attend a live Bible study from the comfort of your own home, while enjoying the fellowship of others.  

The studies are hosted by Shelle Frelo our founder and our study books author. Shelle leads the study discussions and values input from study members. Studies are relaxed discussions of God’s Word seeking Him for insight and revelation. Gatherings range from 1 hour 30 min to 2 hours depending on the content covered.

Comments, questions, and insights are given via the private Facebook group.

What Should I Expect:

  • Expect for the Holy Spirit to speak to your spirit.
  • Expect to have real fellowship.
  • Expect to participate in prayer.
  • Expect to share.
  • Expect that each lesson is led by Shelle but guided by the Holy Spirit.

* Each study book can be obtained through the link in your email, cost associated with the study book are usually not more than $15.

Study Books include:

  • Prayer journal
  • Activity pages
  • And Devotionals

all in one book to aid in helping guide you through the study of God’s Word.

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