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HBS’ Group Study Portal is exclusively for leaders/teachers of HBS Bible studies. The are leaders of women’s ministries, small groups, and in-home Bible studies.

If you’re leading a church, small group, women’s ministry, or in-home and would like a little insight to the lessons, tips for discussion starters, key points, how to deal with conflicts in the study, how to get your class motivated, this portal is for you.

You set the style and set up for your class. HBS is here to help guide you and support you through audio and video tips and study materials.  transforming power of Christ through the truth and beauty of His Word.

* Each study book can be obtained through the link in your email, cost associated with the study book are usually not more than $15.

Study Books include:

  • Prayer journal
  • Activity pages
  • And Devotionals
  • all in one book to aid in helping guide you through the study of God’s Word.


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